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The Clay Telescope

The Clay Telescope is located on the roof of the Science Center. It is a 16" (0.4 m) DFM engineered telescope. The telescope is fitted with a DFM filter wheel with 50 mm Astrodon filters (UBVRI and H-alpha). The telescope is controlled using a Telescope Control System (TCS) and can also be controlled using The Sky software.

Currently, the telescope has three instruments. There is a 2048 x 2048 Apogee Alta F42 imaging CCD (specifications). It has a FOV of 28' x 28' and a pixel scale of 0.82"/pixel. We also have two SBig SGS spectrographs (detailed manual) with a SBig ST-7XME CCD (specifications) attached. Together the spectrographs offer three resolution grating options: low (3200 Angstrom range with 10 Angstrom resolution), medium (750 Angstrom range with 2.4 Angstrom resolution) and high (150Angstrom range with 1 Angstrom resolution). Finally, there is also a ZWO ASII224MC color CMOS camera (specifications and manual).

The telescope was installed in the summer of 2007 by a generous donation by Landon T. Clay.


Telescope Forms and Documents

Telescope opening and closing procedure html

CCD startup and shutdown html

Spectrograph startup and shutdown html


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