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Helpful Links

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Weather Links

Boston Clear Sky Chart provides an Astronomical Forecast!

Weather Underground gives a good overview and hourly forecasts. It also gives astronomy definitions as well as information about twillight and lunar phase.

Accuweather is another good site that provides hourly forecasts!

Current Clay Telescope Information - Latitude, Longitude, MPC code, moon stats and clear sky chart

Observing Tools

Making Annotated Finder Charts - For generating finder charts

Skyview - For generating finder charts

Digital Sky Survey - For generating finder charts

Simbad - Astronomical Database

Hourly airmass calculator by SkyCalc

Julian date - USNO

Sidereal time - USNO

Picmonkey - Tool for photo editing

What do I look at?

Celestial Calendar lists thousands of events to view, from irridium flares to eclipses!

Exoplanet Transit Database - transit predicter for all known transiting exoplanets

Stellarium - we use The Sky on our computers but this is a FREE program that does essentially the same thing!

Current Night Sky - what's up in Cambridge's night sky?

WEBDA - useful site for galactic open clusters or small magellenic cloud clusters


Satellite Flybys from Spaceweather